IT Support

We all use the internet these days, it’s an integral part of our business and personal lives, an invaluable tool for communication, leisure and commerce. It’s easy to use, quick and efficient, and pretty much foolproof…but, sometimes things can go wrong; relatively minor problems that can cost you a lot of time and money.

That’s where we can help; getting your website up and running again as soon as possible…remote online help within minutes, continuing onsite sameday support, software installation, automatic backup of your valuable data…we’re even able to keep you in touch while you’re on the move with a support and set-up service for your mobile devices.

We also offer a network installation and monitoring service; personally designing and implementing the network solutions you require, using the highest standards of security and encryption to keep your data secure.

Our experts have a combined total of over fifty years experience of working with computers and as a respected and established company we are additionally able to offer you the best available prices for software and hardware.

Whether your business needs occasional expert advice during network upgrades or a major IT installation, or you just need desktop support, IT Business Support will provide a tailored service that matches your needs and your budget.

Our specific technical areas are:

  • Email systems
  • Microsoft Networks
  • Network Security
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Wireless Networking
  • Remote Working
  • File & Print Servers
  • Desktop Support
  • Data Migration / Office Moves
  • Networking and Cabling

Our engineers have many years of experience and can help you quickly and efficiently and in a manner that you can understand.

Call 0333 200 4137 or complete an enquiry form to speak to one of our friendly and helpful engineers.